Product Description
Product description

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest Crown cap manufactures in china,-金沙国际5023 with sales volume list-金莎www.7249.coming on 2 for several years. The main products are ordinary caps, bacteria free cap,-js金沙6629 QR code cap and stainless cap.

Crown cap
Selling all over the country
Printed steel
Provided to the major production distributors
PVC-free pellets
Cooperation with universities to develop products
Company Profile
Company Profile

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, which consists of metal decoration, PVC-free pellet production and crown caps production, is a professional crown cap manufacture enterprise. Now it has three wholly owned subsidiaries (that is: Wuhan Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Changchun Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Deqing County H&S Sealing Material Co.,Ltd). 

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